Glaciers_cci Database For Task 2 - DBT2

This is the Database for Task 2 (DBT2) within the Glaciers_cci project. The database includes all datasets collected by the Glaciers_cci consortium that are required for product validation and the Round Robin exercises (RR).

The database is available for the Glaciers_cci consortium as well as for authorised Round Robin participants. The RR participants will be provided with all Earth Observation (EO) and auxiliary datasets necessary for generating the respective dataset, the validation data will in general not be distributed.

Analysis of the Round Robin results and their comparison to validation data will be performed internally. This approach will ensure that the analysis of the RR will be conducted under the same conditions and follow consistent guidelines for all products.

Freely available datasets like ICESat GLAS and Envisat RA2 altimetry data, or the ASTER GDEM Version 2 (GDEMv2) and the SRTM Version 2 digital topographic data are not stored in the Glaciers_cci database. For quick access to these public data, links pointing to the distribution centres are provided respectively.

User authorisation is required for accessing the database. For access to the database and Round Robin participant registration, please contact the project manager Tobias Bolch

(for project partners only)





last updated Tue. Dec 11, 2018